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Providing The Protection You Need

Why do you need Disability Income Insurance?

YOU work hard for your money. Protect it.

Your income is one of your most valuable assets. It allows you to maintain your standard of living, pay bills, save for the future and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In short, your income provides the foundation for life as you know it.

Have you considered what would happen if you couldn't work to earn your income?


What is Disability
Income Insurance?

Your everyday life and future plans could quickly be affected should you experience an income-interrupting illness or injury and become unable to work. Many assume there is already a fallback plan to protect their income, but often discover too late that may not be the case.

Disability Income Insurance (DI) can help by providing a monthly benefit you can use to pay your basic expenses, such as your mortgage, utilities and groceries, in the event of a covered disability.

Have you considered what would happen if you couldn't

pay your monthly bills?

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Key features of Disability Income Insurance

Affordable monthly

Typically disability insurance costs between one and three percent of your salary. That's dollars a day to help protect your family and your lifestyle.

Pays while off work and part time

Get paid the full monthly benefit amount if you're totally disabled, and then partial monthly benefits if you return to work part-time.

Flexible coverage*

Choose how long you wait to get paid (Elimination Period) and choose how long you receive benefits

(Benefit Period).

*(some restrictions apply)

Pays if you can't do your job, not just any job

Get paid if you can't work at your regular job for up to 2 years, even if you still might be able to work in another job.

We work with several carriers to find the best policy to fit

YOU and YOUR specific needs & goals.

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